Cascade Turkey Roulade

After years of grilling the turkey, we decided to try something entirely new this year. Inspired by the bounty of the Pacific Northwest, we created a menu to showcase regional flavors with this delicious turkey roulade as the centerpiece. Perfect for smaller gatherings, it is moist and satisfying. As a bonus feature, it is a great hack to safely get the stuffing inside the turkey! The larger the turkey breast, the easier it will be to butterfly and roll. A larger breast gives you more surface area to spreading the stuffing, and it will result in a more impressive pinwheel when you slice the finished roulade. We began by brining the breast with our , infusing the meat with flavors of the forest, like juniper and California bay leaf. Then, we rubbed it with classic, sagey . This recipe makes enough for both sides of the breast, but you can dial it down for a half if needed, or double up on the stuffing if, like us, you can eat a whole extra pan.

Cornbread and are the foundation of the stuffing, and the earthy flavors are deeply delicious. As an accent on top of the celery and onion, we added in dried tart cranberries, for a little pop of flavor.

The mouthwatering presentation of this beautiful roulade made the perfect centerpiece for our Best of the Northwest holiday meal, and the fresh bounty of the region shines through with complimentary spicing.

If you've never tied a roast or just want a refresher, here's a sweet clip on How to Tie a Roulade.