Kat Lieu's Beautifully Blue Mochi Cake

From Kat Lieu, author of "Modern Asian Baking at Home" -

"Ever had butter mochi or a mochi cake? If yes, then youll love my irresistible and beautifully blue mochi cake! If you havent, thats ok; lets start with this recipe. I bet youll be mochi in love. Its so easy to make and a great introduction to the world of mochi or rice cakes."

"Mochi cakes are chewy, bouncy, and gluten-free. The toothsome mouthfeel is addictive to me! With a few ingredient substitutions, this cake can be made vegan too. Kids will love this cake, and itll surely be a showstopper at any dinner party!"

About Kat Lieu - the doyenne and Queen of Asian baking, Kat Lieu is the founder of Subtle Asian Baking and modernasianbaking.com. Her debut cookbook is Modern Asian Baking at Home. Currently, Lieu is a full-time author, activist, and recipe developer. Follow Subtle Asian Baking @katlieu