Pumpkin Pie Pop Tart

-I truly aimed for this is to be like a true poptart that you can reheat in a toaster
-I could have used puff pastry or pie dough but there is something nostalgic about the cookie like consistency of the poptart crust
-The pumpkin pie filling is pudding like and aromatic and lets the pumpkin shine. In the spirit of the theme I opted for candied pepitas (pumpkin seeds) as a crunchy garnish VS sprinkles
-What bringsgs everything together is the maple frosting. The egg white in the frosting is key.� The proteins in the egg whites prevents the sugars from melting if the poptart gets toasted. Once reheated the sweet smell of maple will fill your kitchen and there will be no doubt that this is a breakfast treat and not dessert.�

I made these on the large side but feel free to play with sizes and shapes. There is no shame in buying store bought fillings, just remember to spice it up :)