What's Cooking in October 2023: Recipe Kit's Latest Updates

What's Cooking in October 2023: Recipe Kit's Latest Updates

Recipe Kit's newest batch of updates includes some highly sought-after features that have taken some time to develop and test properly, but they are finally here!

If you are using a new Shopify theme, your recipe card should automatically update to include these features; otherwise head to the Settings page and click the "Update Recipe Kit" button on the right hand side to update your recipe card to the newest version!

1. Custom Fields for Enhanced Recipes

Store owners now have the capability to incorporate custom fields within their recipes, such as 'Difficulty' or 'Spice' level. This feature enables a higher degree of recipe customization, providing your customers with more detailed and engaging culinary insights.

2. Streamlined Shopping with 'Add All to Cart'

The highly anticipated 'Add all to cart' functionality is now available. Store owners can activate this option via the Settings page, allowing customers to effortlessly add all the necessary recipe ingredients to their shopping carts with a single click. This simplifies the purchasing process, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

3. Enhanced Print Quality for Recipes

We have addressed a minor yet significant issue by rectifying missing bullet points in the ingredients section when recipes are printed. This ensures that the printed versions of your recipes remain visually appealing and easy to follow.

4. Expanded Nutritional Information

Recipe Kit has introduced a couple additional new nutrition fields to provide more comprehensive nutritional data for recipes. This update enables store owners to cater to the growing demand for in-depth nutritional information and serve customers with specific dietary requirements.

5. Tailor the Printed Recipe Appearance with Custom CSS

Store owners can now apply custom CSS to the printed versions of their recipes. By adding '@media print {}' to their CSS, they can ensure that their unique styles are applied when recipes are printed. This feature maintains a consistent brand identity and enhances the overall aesthetics of printed recipes.

6. Annual Subscriptions Now Available (15% Discount!)

Recipe Kit now offers the convenience of annual subscriptions, allowing store owners to save on their monthly subscription fees (15% discount) and enjoy uninterrupted access to all Recipe Kit features. To transition to an annual subscription, please visit the Settings page of the app.

7. Explore AI-Generated Recipes

AI generated recipes? Why not! We are in the early stages of releasing an AI-generated recipe feature. Store owners interested in testing this feature can reach out to the Recipe Kit team. This has the potential to make some of your lives much easier, uncovering fresh and exciting recipe ideas that use your products!

8. Comprehensive Recipe Rating Breakdown

Store owners can now access a detailed rating breakdown for their recipes directly on the edit recipe page. This feature offers valuable insights into customer feedback, enabling data-driven improvements to your recipe offerings.

We believe that these new features will greatly enhance your recipe management experience and contribute to increased sales and customer engagement. Should you have any inquiries or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Happy cooking!

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