My Favourite Mac & Cheese Recipe!

I love macaroni and cheese, especially the mass produced version that you often find in buffets. So I’m always on the lookout for a good mac and cheese recipe.  A little while ago, I forget where, the idea of Bacon Mac & Cheese started bouncing around in the house and I knew I had to make it.

As usually when it comes to cheese, I didn’t really follow the directions but used them more like guidelines. I like cheese and I like it a little thicker than the blue box variety. So I ended up using more cheese that I should have (about 6 cups worth). Since I’ve adjusted the recipe below from what we had for dinner, I’m going to assume that the cheese won’t be as thick in the picture, but it should still be a pretty good consistency. Also, for the bacon, it needs to be crispy. When I made it earlier, it baked right in the grease so it came out chewy and soft. While this worked for the recipe, it didn’t dice up well. I ended up with bigger chunks and bites without bacon. So Jesse and I are thinking that by making it crispier (and maybe baking it on racks so the grease drips off), we’ll be able to dice it into smaller pieces and it’ll spread out more among the pasta.

There is one more thing I would recommend when making this. If you have bacon lovers in the house, make sure you hire an armed guard. I made the bacon an hour before I did the rest and they kept coming into the kitchen, wanting to eat the bacon. I had to turn them away a couple of times, so while I say use a whole package of bacon, I did keep out four slices so they would stop asking for some. *grin*