Recipe Kit Features

Recipe Kit is Shopify's #1 recipe card app, enabling you
to create beautiful, print-friendly, SEO optimized recipe cards within
your Shopify store's blog. Learn more about the app's main features below.

Other Great Features

Attach Shopify Products as Ingredients
While building your gorgeous recipe; easily attach your Shopify
products in the ingredient list to increase sales and guide customers towards the ingredients the recipe was intended to be made with!

Print-Friendly Recipes & Social Media Sharing Built In

Some customers still like to print out recipes for use in the kitchen
- no problem at all! With Recipe Kit, your customers can print out your store’s recipe cards with a click of a button! Recipe Kit designs come with easy social sharing buttons as well; meaning Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest users can easily share your wonderful recipe to their online networks!

Ingredient & Direction Groups

Your recipes can sometimes be a bit complex; which is why we’ve
introduced a lovely feature of being able to add Ingredient &
Direction group headings to your Shopify recipes, splitting up the
recipe and directions into easy to reference chunks for customers!

More on the way!

Have a feature request that will make your life easier? Send us an
email at and I will work on implementing it into the app as soon as possible :)

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