Automatic Recipe Schema for Shopify

Looking to display your store's recipes on Google? You'll need to use recipe schema / rich structured data! Usually this is a hassle to do, but using Recipe Kit will automatically generate recipe schema data for you - no extra effort needed!

Google Recipe Structured Data

According to Google's documentation site, recipe schema data on your store:

Help[s] users find your recipe content by telling Google about your recipe with structured data. When you provide information such as reviewer ratings, cooking and preparation times, and nutrition information, Google can better understand your recipe and present it to users in interesting ways. Recipes can appear in Google Search results and Google Images.

Usually, creating and maintaining recipe schema data on your Shopify store is a pain to do manually. Inserting new code onto your theme, updating it every time you change the recipe, dealing with Google's schema updates, etc.

So, what is the solution?

Recipe Kit

Recipe Kit is a Shopify app that allows you to create beautiful recipe cards attached to your store's blog posts - not only that, but Recipe Kit also auto-generates all of the recipe schema data that Google expects.

Just to confirm - that means that all of the hard work you would have had to do otherwise is already done for you if you use Recipe Kit. Neat, eh?

Using recipe schema data with Recipe Kit is how you turn your Google search results from this:

Into this:

Recipe Kit auto-generates your recipe card schema to display in Google

Automatically generated recipe schema data is only one of the many features Recipe Kit provides for your Shopify store.

Learn more by viewing the Shopify App Store listing here.