Shoppable Recipe Blog Posts for Shopify Stores

Looking for a new way to advertise your store products without expensive advertising or cold outreach? Use shoppable recipe blog posts to both provide high value (delicious recipes) to your visitors, and naturally show off your ingredient products.

Recipe Kit makes this easy, adding a slick add to cart button to your recipe card allowing for quick checkouts while visitors are interested and reading

Increase product sales with Shoppable Ingredients

When customers are browsing your recipes, they're often eager to purchase the ingredients they need to recreate the dish. With Recipe Kit's shoppable recipe cards, you can directly connect the ingredients in your recipes to the corresponding products in your Shopify store.

This makes it effortless for customers to add all the necessary items to their cart, boosting the chances of an immediate sale. It also enhances the overall customer experience by providing a one-stop-shop for both the recipe and the required ingredients.

Recipes combined with integrated product buttons are a natural, casual way to introduce your visitors to your Shopify products - much less intrusive than popups or advertisements.

Photo from the Google Search Central website.

Shoppable recipe cards are easy with Recipe Kit.

Implementing shoppable recipe cards doesn't have to be a complex, time-consuming task. With Recipe Kit, the process is simple and straightforward :

  1. Create beautiful recipe cards for your Shopify blog posts using our intuitive interface.
  2. Link the ingredients in your recipes to the corresponding products in your store.
  3. Watch as your shoppable recipe cards are automatically published and integrated into your blog content.
  4. Track analytics like page views and conversion rates to see how your recipes are doing and what products are selling best.

No need to worry about the technical details - Recipe Kit handles it all for you, so you can focus on creating delicious recipes and driving sales.

FAQs about Shoppable Recipes

Absolutely you can add the recipe schema to your website by yourself - the issue is that adding this structured data requires editing your theme code; which most store owners are not too keen on doing. You could get a developer to make a custom implementation, but that will still likely require adding the recipe data to an external part of your site (eg. in metafields) alongside writing your recipe in your blog post which means double the writing/effort just to generate the structured data.

Recipe Kit essentially does this all for you, and also adds a ton of other great features like printable recipe cards (that look fantastic), add to cart buttons, analytics, and more.

Does adding structured data guarantee that my recipe will show in recipe search results?

Unfortunately Google doesn't guarantee anything in regards to whether or not they will show your recipe as a rich recipe snippet or not. Their only claim towards this is that filling out the structured data gives your recipe the opportunity to be shown in rich recipe results; without this recipe structured data, there is no chance for your recipe to show in recipe carousels, etc. in Google search results.

How does structured data affect recipe search result rankings?

While Google doesn't state that rankings are changed with structured data, if your recipe shows up in the recipes carousel at the top of the search results page, it will surely come with higher page visits. In general, recipes with these rich results can increase the click-through rate (CTR) and overall organic traffic to the website,
especially on mobile where the recipe carousel is often the most
prominent result above the regular blue links.

How do I test my recipes for structured data?

Once you implement recipe structured data, ensuring you test it for missing properties is very important. Missing a required field like the recipe image means Google will simply not show your recipe in a rich result, no matter what.

Google provides a great, free, rich result testing tool here:

Recipe Kit also comes with a free testing tool here, which comes with a bunch of cool features that Google's doesn't have:

Make sure you sign up for Google's Search Console tools, as well, as they will send you email updates if your recipes are missing properties or have an error somewhere.

Add automatic recipe structured data to your Shopify store, easily.

Automatic recipe structured data, beautiful recipe cards, and shoppable ingredient buttons make your recipe blog magic, helping you sell more products immediately.