September 10th, 2020 Update

So many new updates over the past month on Recipe Kit. Some super exciting features coming soon, as well!


  • Add prep / cooking time as hours or minutes now (default was minutes before). Ensure you update Recipe Kit to support this.
  • Bulk recipe import via CSV file now in beta! View section at bottom of App Settings page for details.
  • 10 new nutrition fields added to the Edit / Create recipe page! Sugar, protein, fats, carbs, and more! New recipe card section added to all recipe card designs.
  • Safari browser fix now released (please let me know if you encounter any issues logging into the app).
  • Paste links into ingredients/directions. All other formatting is removed on paste (for clean, consistent styling this is best).
  • Allow fullscreen for Youtube videos
  • Newly created recipes start with a 5 star review
  • View Google Rich Results test with ease by clicking the "Google Rich Data Results" button on recipe page!
  • Learn how to optimize and display your store's recipes on Google by reading this new blog post on the Recipe Kit website.
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