Google AMP Recipes On Your Shopify Store Blog

Google AMP Recipes On Your Shopify Store Blog

Learn how to create AMP recipes on Shopify

Looking to increase your mobile page speed, enticing more customers and readers into your Shopify store to check out your recipes?

Recipe Kit for Shopify already provides a fast, beautiful recipe card design for your Shopify store (plus a bunch of other goodies, like shoppable recipes, videos, nutrition data, and more) - but if you are looking to get a step ahead of competitors, optimizing your Shopify store with Google's AMP technology is a great idea.

Recently, Recipe Kit has partnered up with Shopify's #1 AMP app / plugin called AMP by Shop Sheriff. The AMP app now includes a feature that can read and properly display and arrange your Recipe Kit recipe data in an AMP optimized setup on optimized blog post pages.

AMP recipe cards load incredibly quick, and they look just the same as your store's normal recipe cards on Recipe Kit.

They also have the added bonus of having the fancy blue lightning bolt in Google Search Results; the lightning bolt shows to customers that your recipe is optimized, and they can expect it to load quickly.

This is truly a win-win situation if you are keen on trying out AMP on your store!

If you haven't installed Recipe Kit yet, install it on your Shopify store by clicking here.

Once you have Recipe Kit installed on your Shopify store, install the AMP by Shop Sheriff app here and sign up for the "Company" plan. Once installed and after you've configured the installation, your recipes will officially have AMP counterparts that display in Google results!


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