Shoppable Recipe Cards on Shopify

Hungry customers are reading your store's recipes and running to their local grocery store to get equivalent ingredients to make the recipe.

The solution?

Embedding shoppable recipe cards into your Shopify store blog posts using the Recipe Kit app. Connecting your products to ingredients in the recipe will increase sales, and make your customer's lives easier by providing all the ingredients they need in an easy-to-buy format!

Why Shoppable Recipes?

Shoppable recipe cards bring a range of benefits to your Shopify food blog, but primarily they enable your customers to buy your product quicker.

Allowing customers to buy your products without leaving your recipe page is a quick route to increasing sales, as well as converting those former recipe readers into store customers.

According to the Recipe Guru blog:

Asda (large British supermarket company) has found that:

  1. Consumers using recipe content to shop add three more items to their cart than when they shop without recipe content.

  2. Customers that use recipe content to shop move from below average spenders to above-average spenders.


How Shoppable Recipes Work on Shopify

Shoppable recipe works & looks essentially just like a normal recipe card, but with an extra Add To Cart button that appears next to shoppable ingredients.

These shoppable ingredients are connected to your Shopify store's products, which you connect through Recipe Kit's easy recipe creator page.

If a product has inventory, Recipe Kit's shoppable recipe card will show the minimal Add To Cart button right next to the ingredient's name.

Clicking this button will add the product to the customer's cart, allowing them to check out and purchase the product with no extra steps / page redirects.

See below for an animation that shows the exact customer experience for adding a recipe ingredient to their cart via Recipe Kit's recipe card:


Shoppable recipe cards for Shopify grocery stores & food shops


Get started today by downloading Recipe Kit onto your Shopify store!